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The ITCA-FEPADE School of Engineering has a recognized academic background, a path sustained by the effort and vision that gave way to the realization of its foundation objective: to promote training and human resources in El Salvador. We are committed to academic quality, entrepreneurship and the relevance of our educational offer, so we have developed an educational model that is characterized by the constant innovation of the teaching-learning system, the updating of technology and the training of teaching staff , So that our students get the best opportunities in the labor market.
Day after day we continue to look beyond adversity and commit ourselves to work towards education, oriented to employability and productivity, because only with a quality education can we ensure the progress of our country.
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From integraland competent professionals in techonology areas that are in demand and that provide an opportunity in the local, regional and global market both as workers and entreoreneurs
To be a leadinfg educational institution in technology education at a national and regional level, committed to quality, entrepreneurship and in the relevance of our educational offerings.
Excellence, Integrity, Spirituality, Cooperation and Communication

Teaching methods

“Learning through making”
The success of professionals at FEPADE ITCA lies in their-study model which is “Learn – through – Making”, combining theory with practice, developing competencies, first in the workshops and laboratories of our campus, and later in real enviorments, thanks to University – Business management and entailment, ensuring acceptance of our graduates in the workspace.

Dual Teaching
It has been implemented in El Salvador since 2008 by ITCA-FEPADE, with the help of the private enterprise and it consists of combining theoretical training with actual practice in the company.

Students alternate two months at ITCA-FEPADE and two months in the company and after 2 years of study with this model with the highest level, they receive a thecnical degree, being available to the company that trained them, with the possibility of hiring the, taking into account the specialization at the company and their adaptation to their organizational culture.

Companies ares responsible for practical training, both in terms of the implementation as well as financing. ITCA-FEPADE is resposible for providing, in each of their specialties, the necessary theoretical knowledge accompanied by the holistic education that has always characterized our institution.

Board of Directors
  • Lic. Daniel Cohen, Presidente
  • Lic. Joaquín Samayoa, Vicepresidente
  • Lic. Eugenia Suay de Castrillo, Tesorera
  • Ing. Rafael Ibarra, Director
  • Ing. Francisco Marroquín, Director
  • Dr. Willian Mejía, Director
  • Lic. Sigfredo Valle, Director
  • Ing. Jesús Martínez, Director
  • Lic. Ana Cristina Arango, Directora
  • Dra. Carolina Brito, Fiscal


Ing. Carlos Arriola
Since January 2023


Ing. Christian Guevara
Since January 2023
institutional identity
Founded in 1969, The specialized School of Engineering ITCA-FEPADE is a state institution with private management, currently composed of five campuses: Headquartered i Santa Tecla and four regional centers located in San Miguel, Santa Ana, Zacatecoluca and La Union, the latter two under the MEGATEC model.

Our goal is to train professionals in higher technical education, aimed at stregthening the economic and social development of our country; today’s academic offerings include Technical Careers and Engineering and training trough specialized and technical courses.
Our campuses
la union
san miguel
santa ana
santa tecla